Genacast Ventures


Gil Beyda, Founder & Managing Partner

Genacast Ventures is a seed fund that invests up to $1 million in B2B start-ups in the northeastern US.

A partnership between serial entrepreneur Gil Beyda and Comcast Ventures, Genacast brings the best of “been there, done that” start-up experience and seasoned venture investing. Our special DNA enables us to provide unique perspective and value to companies we invest in.

Genacast is a refreshingly traditional fund founded on the principles of “old school” venture capital: find and nurture passionate entrepreneurs with innovative ideas for game-changing businesses in undiscovered markets. We look for:

  • Great Teams: Thomas Edison said: “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” We believe similarly: start-up success is 1% a good idea and 99% execution. A good idea is not enough. It takes a great team with brilliant execution to make a start-up successful.
  • Core technology: We love technology and gravitate towards start-ups with innovative technology that provides competitive advantages and help erect barriers to entry. Solving hard problems with technology gets us really excited.
  • Value-add: We are entrepreneurs ourselves and like to roll-up our sleeves and help our portfolio companies. Our portfolio is job one. The last company we funded is more important than the next one. If we can’t add value beyond our cash, we won’t invest.
  • Capital efficiency: While we celebrate the multi-hundred million dollar exit, we realize most start-ups will exit below one hundred million dollars and thus need to be capitalized such that all stakeholders win in this scenario.

We welcome the opportunity to work with first-time as well as serial entrepreneurs. Feel free to contact us.