Genacast Ventures


Invite Media (New York City and Philadelphia)

Invite Media allows agencies, ad networks and media buyers to execute and manage campaigns across multiple ad exchanges in real-time, all through one interface. Flagship product Bid Manager is a next-generation ad server and buying console, and is also directly integrated with multiple third party data providers. Over 30 agencies, ad networks, and media buyers are currently using Bid Manager, which now has access to over 10 billion impressions per day.

Acquired by Google Inc. (Public, NASDAQ:GOOG) in 2010. Read about it.

Demdex, Inc. (New York City)

Demdex collects and manages non-personally identifiable behavioral and demographic data on behalf of its clients and provides a platform for the management and enforcement of consumer privacy preferences.

Acquired by Adobe Systems (Public, NASDAQ:ADBE) in 2011. Read about it.

DoubleVerify (New York City)

DoubleVerify is a pioneer in online media verification. They increase online advertising accountability and transparency by providing agencies, marketers, publishers and ad networks with real-time audit and verification of online advertising transactions and helping them take proactive measures to avoid waste and maintain brand reputation. We're Hiring!

PackLate (Philadelphia) is a last minute vacation rental marketplace where consumers watch prices change as the check-in date nears. empowers consumers to save money, find and track great deals, and confidently book closer to their vacation date while realizing they are not alone in their quest to find what they want at a great price.

Divide (formerly Enterproid) (New York City, Hong Kong and London)

Divide helps organizations and individuals get the most out of mobile technology and corporate BYOD policies. The company’s flagship platform combines cloud-based management with device-level technology that ensures enterprise security and control without compromising personal freedom and privacy.

Acquired by Google Inc. (Public, NASDAQ:GOOG) in 2014. Read about it.

Mortar Data (New York City)

Mortar Data’s platform allows users to analyze data and build big data apps with ease. Mortar users can integrate different data sources via robust pipelines and perform complex analyses with custom machine learning applications. The platform accelerates the development and deployment of data projects and then provides operational support by quickly pinpointing issues in production and automatically recovering from transient problems.

Acquired by Datadog in 2015. Read about it.

LeadiD (Philadelphia)

LeadiD allows Lead Sellers and Lead Buyers to operate in a mutually trusted environment. Lead Sellers are able to prove that you’re selling high quality leads and to know the Lead Buyer’s decision before even posting the lead - all without exposing any of your proprietary data. Lead Buyers are able to make the best real-time decisions about the leads you buy, without compromising any trust with your lead suppliers. We're hiring!

YieldMo (New York City)

YieldMo is rethinking mobile advertising to optimize yield for publishers, ROI for marketers, and the experience for consumers. YieldMo’s Premium Private Platform for Mobile enables marketers to purchase high quality non-banner ad inventory in YieldMo’s proprietary, consumer-friendly ad formats on the mobile pages and apps of premium publishers. We're hiring!

Rocketrip (New York City)

Rocketrip provides an incentive based platform to businesses which significantly reduces T&E costs by aligning employee interests with company policy. We're hiring!

ZeroFOX (formerly Riskive) (Baltimore)

ZeroFOX provides enterprise grade security technology dedicated to identifying, monitoring and preventing risk across the socially connected enterprise. ZeroFOX's predictive analytics identifies malicious actors and entities before they attack businesses and government organizations. We're Hiring!

RevMetrix (DC)

Revmetrix is a customer intelligence platform custom-built for omnichannel retailers. Our technology helps retailers leverage their own customer data to paint a detailed picture of customer behavior as it spans across multiple channels and devices. By doing so, Revmetrix enables retailers to build better, smarter interactions at every point of engagement for their shoppers.


Overlap (New York City)

Overlap makes scheduling meetings easy.

STAQ (New York City & Baltimore)

STAQ makes ad operations more efficient by unifying 175+ ad technology platforms (exchanges, DSPs, SSPs, ad servers, CRM, etc.) through centralizing reporting, management and optimization. We're hiring!