Big Data
Cloud Computing / Machine Learning / NLP / Predictive Analytics

The data that companies collect is rapidly increasing in volume, velocity, and variety due to an abundance of new devices and sensors in operation. Companies are looking to unlock the value in their data and discover business insights. With larger and more complex data sets, we need new ways to store, manage, and process that information.

Developer Tools
APIs / Containers / DevOps / Microservices

As the importance of developers within organizations grows and great talent becomes scarce, the number of tools that boost developers' productivity also increase. At the same time, new platforms are being developed for operations and support staff to resolve some of the technical issues through greater automation.

Fraud Analytics / Mobile Security / Network Security

Cyberattack threats are now a top concern for all enterprises. Malicious actors are increasingly sophisticated and vulnerabilities in new media and the Internet of Things are opening the door to additional attack vectors for these cybercriminals. The need for advanced security technology is more important than ever.

Internet of Things
Enterprise Mobility / Networking / Sensors / Wearables

Lightweight sensors are being deployed across all industries to capture new data. Heavy assets are also being transformed into connected devices, giving businesses continuous visibility into products and processes. New connected ecosystems will mix software platforms with real-world data in unprecedented ways.

Invisible Apps
Vertical-specific Apps vs. Platforms / Workflow Orchestration

New approaches to application design and user experience have emerged as a result of the trend towards "consumer-izing" enterprise technology. Natural mediums such as chat and voice, powered by advances in natural language processing and interconnected across the cloud, are allowing for more efficient interactions with software.

B2B Marketplaces
Goods Markets / Service Markets / Short-Term Asset Sharing

Online marketplaces for B2B transactions are attracting manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors with promises of new markets and growth. Sellers can more easily showcase their products with digital inventory lists and connect with buyers with online profiles. Dynamic pricing engines are also allowing for more efficient transactions for both parties.