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Genacast Ventures is a leading venture capital firm in the Northeast investing in the most promising B2B technology startups at the seed-stage.

Our DNA as technology founders and operators gives us unique insight into the challenges faced by new companies.

Our Team

Rocketrip CEO Dan Ruch speaking at Enterprise Startup Huddle, our monthly meetup for B2B startups in New York.

Rocketrip CEO Dan Ruch speaking at Enterprise Startup Huddle, our monthly meetup for B2B startups in New York.



Lead Investor. As a lead investor at the seed stage, we can work with founders to set the terms of the round. We also play an active board role by coaching management teams to turn validated product ideas into real companies.
Perspective. Our experience running and investing in startups gives us additional insight into the challenges that our companies face. Mistakes are unavoidable but we want you to make new mistakes, not the old ones.
Network. We have deep networks in the industries we invest in and will help our companies build relevant connections with potential customers and investors. We are also able to play an active role in hiring and team-building.
Comcast Partnership. We have a close working relationship with Comcast/NBCU and are able to open doors and be an internal advocate if there are potential tie-ins.


Great Teams. Edison said: “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” We believe similarly: start-up success is 1% a good idea and 99% execution. A good idea is not enough. It takes a great team with brilliant execution to make a start-up successful.

Capital Efficiency. While we celebrate the multi-hundred million dollar exit, we realize most start-ups will exit below one hundred million dollars and thus need to be capitalized such that all stakeholders win in this scenario. Our incentives are aligned with yours.

Deep Technology. We are technology enthusiasts and gravitate towards start-ups with innovative technology that provides competitive advantages. We want to hear about your technical barriers to entry and the difficult engineering challenges that your team has overcome.



Our portfolio is job one. 

We are entrepreneurs ourselves and like to roll-up our sleeves and help our portfolio companies. The last company we funded is more important than the next one. If we can’t add value beyond our cash, we won’t invest.


The AI-Powered Enterprise

As big data and big compute become more available and more efficient to access, we expect to see a wave of new startups using machine learning technology to optimize the enterprise. From fine-tuning marketing spend to predicting accounts receivables, all aspects of the enterprise will be impacted.

Adaptive Cybersecurity

Cyberattack threats are now a top concern for all enterprises. Malicious actors are increasingly sophisticated and vulnerabilities in new media and the Internet of Things are opening the door to additional attack vectors for these cybercriminals. The need for advanced security technology is more important than ever.

Disruptive Vertical SaaS

The advantages of the Software-as-a-Service model aren't limited to the traditional large enterprise. Mid-market companies and niche industries recognize that they must become more agile and adopt new technologies in order to stay competitive. We're excited by startups building software for hidden markets.

The Industrial "Edge" Stack

The increasing demand for connected hardware and real-time processing at the edge of the network (ie. IoT devices, drones, autonomous vehicles) is feeding into a need for computing power at the edge alongside the datacenter. We are interested in infrastructure bets needed to support this.

B2B Marketplaces

Digital marketplaces are changing traditional business sectors, opening new markets and growth opportunities to manufacturers, distributors, and service providers. In many cases, transactions are becoming more efficient through dynamic pricing and purchase automation.

Enterprise Mixed Reality

We are still in the early days of mixed reality for the enterprise, but we are already seeing their impact in the industrial workplace. Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Merged Reality (MR) applications could make enterprises entirely unrecognizable in another ten years.

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