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Liz is an Entrepreneur in Residence at Genacast where her responsibilities include sourcing new deals, helping evaluate investment opportunities, and assisting existing portfolio companies.

Prior to Genacast, Liz was the CTO at Birchbox, a beauty startup. At Birchbox she built the engineering, product, and data science functions. She oversaw the scaling of Birchbox’s systems and consumer presence from supporting thousands of subscribers and shoppers to more than a million, across 6 countries, online and in store.

Liz has a long standing interest in developing personalized experiences. Liz earned a PhD in Computer Science at Carnegie Melon. She has published papers on topics ranging from Personal Assistants, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, to Intelligent Tutoring Systems and Robotics.

What I love about my job:

  • Working with passionate founders building game changing products
  • Learning in detail about industries and areas of innovation that are new to me
  • Helping founders think through product, technology and management challenges
  • The opportunity to support diversity in the startup and technology ecosystem